Abstract painter Dr Foo Yong Kong’s foray into the world of abstract art was prompted by an overwhelming desire to create modern & contemporary art that is universal in nature. Through his Abstract-Expressionism manifestations, which are the end result of his search for a signature style of his own, he has orchestrated the philosophies of the east and west into a harmonious, distinctive symphony.

Not that he felt that the great art traditions of the east were in any way lacking compared to the modern elements inherent in the western works; it was a sincere wanting to extend and enhance the universal visual expression. Transcending accepted traditions, he passionately sought to create an art form that can help meld the perceived divide between the two schools of thought.

The majestic expansiveness of mother nature has always held a special fascination for Foo and his powerful lines exemplify the monumental grandeur of vast mountain ranges, lush rainforests and verdant wetlands. He gived free rein to his emotions with a robust romanticism that has at its heart the reality of the beauty of nature. Over the years his abstract ‘mindscapes’ have evolved from the representational to the spontaneous where the arbitrary shaping of images and forms in his paintings reflect even more the free flow of his thoughts and emotions.

Foo is a well known and recognised calligrapher in Asia, and has incorporated the distinct strokes of this timeless art form as the basis of his works, mirroring his passion for the calligraphy of Chinese poetry and poetry itself. His brilliant brush strokes, choice of colours and the rice paper medium which he uses all combine to manifest in bold, vivid masterpieces that are active, yet project a muted effect reminiscent of classical Chinese paintings.

Foo Yong Kong’s Calligraphic Non-Writing Abstract-Expressionism
The ancient calligraphic traditions have not been spared by the ongoing evolutionary process in the world of art and Foo has used this to full advantage in many of his more recent works. Modern or avant garde calligraphy today has evolved into the realm of fine art, a unique art of abstract modeling, where the symbolic meaning of the Chinese characters are explored further and manifested abstractly, reflecting the unique style and creative individuality of the artist. The traditional art of writing has evolved into a form of non-writing in Foo’s works where the characters are to a certain extent exaggerated and infused with swirling splashes of colours to project a sense of sheer vibrancy and aliveness yet retaining the balance and harmony that embody his outlook on life.

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